We'll do the bookkeeping so you can focus on your construction company

With the help of a professional bookkeeper and powerful technology, you can get an in-depth look at how your building company operates without taking time away from actually running it.

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Good Cash Management Allows Your Business To Succeed

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, they cannot survive in this world we live in today where everything revolves around money and all that entails.

82 percent of all businesses fail because of poor cash management

Don't let your business become a statistic...

Our cash flow management process overview

We have provided a brief overview of how we perform cash flow management and approximately how long it will take us to provide you with the financial clarity and peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is safe.

Now you may be thinking that 50 hours a year is not a lot of time for our experts to properly handle the cash flow management for your business. After all my accountant or bookkeeper takes 5 or 6 hours a week just to compile my accounting data into a spreadsheet.


So how is this even possible?

With the help of technology and a proven cash management system, this becomes possible. Along with cloud accounting and the technology provided by our amazing partners, we have a proven system that will allow us to use about 50 hours a year to efficiently analyze and manage the cash flow for your business.


Not only can we significantly reduce the number of hours spent on cash management, we can also reduce the costs that are directly related to cash management operations.


After all, accounting + technology = awesome!


I highly recommend Luke for your bookkeeping and financial needs. Luke was extremely attentive/responsive, easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable in this space and completed work prior to deadlines set. He also helped me understand certain transactions and business processes to better our business.

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More Than Just Accountants

Bringing Financial Clarity To Small Business Owners Since 2021

It’s time you got an accurate picture of your financial future. That can mean anything from taking control over the day-to-day expenses and revenues to seeing what a business loan might do for your situation. You deserve honesty with this information, which is exactly what we provide at our boutique firm!

We're here to help you take care of the little details so that your business can focus on doing what it does best. We'll handle bookkeeping and payroll, giving you peace-of-mind as well time back in your day for other tasks.

You’ll have a much better understanding of the financial side of your construction company when you use our technology based services. No more guessing about whether or not that loan is going to go through, and no more wondering where all your cash went wrong - because now it will be easy enough for anyone with basic skills to figure out!

With these tools in hand, you'll finally get a sense as clear picture on how well (or poorly) things are doing financially without any guesswork involved. The hard numbers can help provide some insight into what's happening behind closed doors and deep within those dusty ledgers so that we might make smarter decisions moving forward.

Some benefits of working with us

  • Reduce your accounting expenses with outsourced, affordable accounting

  • Increase cash flow so you can reinvest in your business

  • Make growth a reality by taking care of your finances

  • Gain more time to work on your business

  • Avoid the stress of managing all aspects of accounting

  • More time to focus on what really matters in your construction company


Luke Loescher

After obtaining my masters in accounting from Eastern Michigan University, I've combined my passion for accounting and knowledge of business with strong customer service skills. I have worked closely with government entities here in Michigan on creating accounting processes that work! Call or email me today and let's talk about how I can put my skills to work for you!


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Spectral Accounting understands that the more time you spend on your core business, the more successful it will become. Traditional bookkeeping and accounting processes can take up valuable hours or even days of work week—time you could be spending strategizing, marketing to new customers, building a better team, or simply working off backlogs.


Don't let your success slip through the cracks by shoving time-intensive tasks like accounting onto your plate with no end in sight. The professional team at Spectral Accounting are proven specialists, using uniquely agile techniques for boundless efficiency that make life way easier for our clients (and ourselves).


Get out of an endless cycle of counting beans by entrusting us with all your bookkeeping needs.


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