• Luke Loescher

3 Reasons to Hire a Remote Bookkeeper

You might be wondering why you should hire a remote bookkeeper for your business. Well, we're here to tell you! There are many benefits of hiring a remote bookkeeper, including saving time and money! In this blog post, we will cover 3 reasons that make it worth the investment to hire a remote bookkeeping service.

Let's start with the first reason to hire a remote bookkeeping service:

  • Reason One: Save Time If you're short on time, a remote bookkeeper will save your day. They can work from anywhere in the world and have access to all of your financial information at any time. That means that they can automatically import statements into QuickBooks as soon as they arrive. Plus, hiring a remote bookkeeping service is less costly than hiring someone locally! Plus, let's not forget about insurance coverage while working remotely too - there are limits for claims due to accidents that happen with employees who are "at-home". You won't be able to get this type of protection when looking for an employee locally. So how much do we save by having them work remotely? A recent study showed those using a bookkeeping service saved on average 24 hours per month on administrative tasks.

  • Reason Two: Retaining Employees A remote bookkeeper can work from anywhere in the world, so it's easier to keep them on your team. There are limited hours of availability for those who live close by and you may not be able to accommodate their schedule if they have kids or other responsibilities that take precedence over an office job. This is not the case with remote bookkeepers. They can work their own hours, as long as they get the necessary work done in a timely manner.

  • Reason Three: Cost Savings Remote bookkeeping services are typically less expensive than traditional office space and utilities. This is great for start-ups who don't have hefty budgets from day one or those just looking to save money on their back office staff and run a leaner back office.

As you can see, these are the three main reasons to hire a bookkeeping service for your company. The time savings of a remote bookkeeping service are amazing! As an example, your remote bookkeeper will be able to provide you with an accurate, professional look at your company's financials without having to come into the office. This saves your company from paying the hourly rate of an accountant, and reduces their travel time. Along with the cost savings of a remote bookkeeping service, you will also get to spend more time focusing on running your business from the comfort of your office.

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