• Luke Loescher

How to Connect Your Bank Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Do you use QuickBooks Online and want to know how to connect your bank accounts? It's easy! Builders can set up the Bank Feeds feature in minutes, saving time on data entry and ensuring accuracy. In this blog post we'll walk you through connecting your bank account so that you can automatically import transactions from the bank into QuickBooks Online.

First, open the Transactions menu in QuickBooks Online. Then click the banking option. Once the bank feeds screen opens, you will see a button in the upper left hand corner called Link account. Click on the Link Account button to start the process of adding a new bank account to QuickBooks Online.

You'll be prompted to choose the financial institution to connect with, then you will be prompted to enter your financial institution's user name and password. If you have multiple accounts at this bank or credit union, select the one that you want to connect now by clicking on it in the list of available accounts.

Once you've selected an account, click Continue. QuickBooks will verify with your financial institution whether they support Direct Connect for online banking transactions (you may need to wait a few minutes while this is happening). Once verified, QBO lets you know which types of transactions can be imported into QB. You can also update usernames if necessary here before continuing again by clicking Update account information.

Once you've updated your account details, click Continue to finish. You'll be prompted again to enter your password and verify the connection before continuing. Once verified successfully, Bank Feeds will import all of your transactions from this bank into QuickBooks Online automatically! This process may take a few minutes depending on how many transactions need to be downloaded and matched. Builders can now check their balances by going to Reports > Standard > Balance Sheet.

We hope this post helped clear things up for our builders looking for help connecting bank accounts in QuickBooks Online!

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